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what is foolish?

I picked up graphic design 1996 (count fingers) when my friend and then boss Cornelius (aka Con) whom I did some random illustration for previously said “Seleem! My main designer (and then partner) has handed in his notice, he wants to go off and be an artist “???!!!!”

“….so you have a month to learn what he does for the magazine” and there was my chance, was my first thought, until I in fact had to sit next to him creating his magic, cause that’s what it looked like to me, like a kid meeting a superhero, his lightning fast hands, right hand on a single button mouse, left on an indecipherable number of keyboard shortcuts, and the magic, well that happened on the screen. So there, a pair of eyes, generally looking in the same direction, and three things to watch for, “learn” was the word i was looking for, from a man of very few words, that really didn’t want to be there anymore, and everyday like clock work, he would leave his post at 5pm, and this is when I would take over, using the same tools he just left, i am to try and create some magic of my own, yeah right… my first task was to unravel the mysteries of the 2 or 3 graphic software that we used, no don’t get me wrong, i am no computer noob, nor do i fear the thing,my first computer had no mouse for goodness sack, but when my photoshop image, for some odd reason turned transparent reddish color, with a fully transparent hole, and me not being able reverse nor understand that effect, i started realizing the mountain I have just accepted to climb, and that voice from a silly computer game, Con played echoed in my mind, with the game’s catch phrase “..You FOOOOOL!”
And that was it, for the life of me, I couldn’t do anything with that fie, and with no google at my finger tip to tell me, that i must’ve hit the “Q” key in my press, press, click, click frenzy, and activated the layer mask, now weather you are familiar with the process or not, it’s understandable that a mask, is a mask, and that mask wasn’t going anywhere, unless, to my great discomfort, i closed the file, but.. but… do i save the changes, do I really want this horrible thing to come back?

I survived that months, and after long nights os sleeping on the office sofa, after doing battle with photoshop, freehand, and quarkxpress, I got the job, and there by, worn my letter with pride since.


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